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How to Get Betting Bonus Codes?

Whether you are completely new to the world of online betting – or want to know how you go about signing up for a customer account – you will need to find out all about promotion codes.

Not every online betting site will use them as part of the signup process but you can usually get yourself a good welcome bonus for using them.

We will be explaining all about promotion codes here – and telling you what to do with them.

Betting Bonus Offers

With so many online sports betting sites available to potential customers these days they need some kind of attraction to stand out from the crowd and make you want to sign up for an account with them. And most of them will go with the tried and tested welcome promotion.

We will take a look at the different kinds of promotional freebies that you could get for signing up for a new customer account in a little while but for many of these offers you will need to use a sports bonus code to activate it.

These betting bonus codes might be referred to as promotional codes, promo codes or just a sports code – but they all mean the same thing.

You can sign up for betting accounts without the use of one of these promotion codes. However, if there is a welcome promotion on offer you might not get it if you don’t enter the sports bonus code when you sign up.

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Where to Find a Sport Bonus Code?

There are a number of ways that you can get hold of the sports bonus code you need to sign up for a particular account. These codes are site specific remember though, so you need to make sure that the code you have works on the sports betting site you want to sign up with.

You might find the sports bonus code in the bookie’s own advertising campaigns – and usually somewhere on their own site before you start the registration process.

Or sometimes you can get a sports bonus code from a third party website.

What Do Betting Bonus Codes Look

The appearance of a sports bonus code or betting bonus codes will vary from site to site, but they will generally be a collection of letters and numbers that somehow relate to the online betting site in question or the promotion on offer.

Sign Up For An Account

Before we go into the details about welcome promotions and promotion codes, you should know that you absolutely need to sign up for an account to be able to bet online.

If you are a complete novice to online betting you may not be aware of this, but you can’t just go to an online bookie and place a bet like you would in a shop on the high street.

Obviously, with the remote aspect to online betting, there has to be some security for both you and the bookmaker so you will be required to sign up as a customer in order to place bets.

But this is only good news for punters as it means that you are in line for some great freebies as different betting sites fight for your custom in what is an overcrowded market place!

Welcome Promotions

Online betting sites use these promotion codes for one reason – to get you to sign up for a customer account with them so you will then go on to bet with them. And as aesthetically pleasing as a sports bonus code might be, the only reason you will need them is to receive something back in return. But what kind of welcome promotions do these sites usually have?

A favourite of many betting sites is the promise of extra bets. Usually you will have to make an initial bet of a certain amount and then you will receive the additional bets to be used in your account.

Or you could sign up to get extra cash. This is normally in the form of a deposit match.

There is always an upper limit to this but it does mean that you could be effectively doubling the amount of money in your account.

These are just some of the ways that online sports betting sites will try to entice you into signing up for a customer account with them – and sometimes they may even use a combination of two or more of these types to get you to register.

The one thing that unites all these options is that – more often than not – you will need to use a sports bonus code when you register to activate the promotion.

High Limits

It can be very frustrating when you see odds you like and begin the bet placement procedure. You enter the stake and the bet is referred to a trader. You are then offered a small proportion of your desired stake at the advertised odds.

Football is the popular betting sport and high turnover leagues are the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy and Bundesliga in Germany.

How to Sign Up Using Betting Bonus Codes?

Getting hold of those all important welcome offers and is intentionally made very simple as the sites don’t want to put you off before you’ve even started betting with them! But just so you have a good idea of what to expect we are going to run through the process of signing up using the sports bonus code.

Whatever your choice this is a good example of how you use bonus codes when you register for a new account:

  • 1. If you are already on the site you can click on the ‘Open Account’ button in the right hand corner of your screen. Or you may have seen a banner advert or article online with a bonus code. Either way click on the link provided
  • 2. A pop up box will appear where you will have to enter your name, email and date of birth – as well as a mobile phone number, what country you are playing from and which currency you would like to bet with
  • 3. For security purposes and for when you log in to your new customer account you will need to then enter a username and password
  • 4. Just a few more security details – enter the captcha details and agree to being kept up to date with news and promotions
  • 5. And this is the moment when you need to enter the sports bonus code. Once you have done that just tick the terms and conditions box
  • 6. Almost there! Finally, just click on the ‘Create Account’ button at the bottom of the screen and that’s it!

The fact that you used the sports bonus code when you signed up won’t get you any extra bets in this instance but it does help activate your account.

Betting Promotions

By using a sports bonus code when you initially sign up for a new customer account, you will usually be rewarded with some kind of welcome offer. But these online bookies know that there is so much competition out there that they will need to keep you happy so as not to lose your betting money to someone else.

You can regularly check up on all your site’s ongoing promotions by taking a look at the relevant page or section. And it is a good idea to make it part of your routine to have a look as some promotions will be event or time specific – so you don’t want to miss out!

Generally, you will have price boosts and great odds guarantee promotions to ensure you get the great deal out of being a customer account holder. And the sports betting sites especially like offering promotions relating to accumulator bets as they know that that is a very popular way to bet with their football supporting customers in particular.

You might, for example, get your stake back as a free bet if only one of the legs of your accumulator fails to come through for you. There will usually be some kind of minimum for this – you might need to include at least five events on the bet to qualify – but it is a nice fall back for you as a punter to now that you will still get your stake back even if your bet doesn’t win.

Many bookies also offer lots of different things you can do once your bet has been placed these days as well – and information about this can usually be found on the promotions page. You might be able to cash out on bets – or even edit them to suit how the event is going – so being a customer account holder can definitely have its benefits. So make sure you know where and when to take advantage of them!

The sports bonus code you used to sign up in the first place may have got you the welcome deposit match or free bets but that will never be the end of the freebies!

Bonus Requirements

After you have used a sports bonus code to sign up for an account you will usually activate some kind of promotion as we have detailed. But any potential customer account holders should know that those offers will have their own requirements.

You won’t need to pay anything – apart from making your first deposit into your account – but there may be some pre-requisites about withdrawing any money won with the bonus bets or cash.

If you receive extra bets as part of your welcome promotion you may well have to place them on events at a certain price. This means that the odds will need to be at a level or better. But this is nothing to worry about as the odds are never anything restrictive and still give you the chance to win money.

The more basic requirements of most bonuses are that you have never had an account with that betting site before and that you are resident in a country that the site allows betting from. Apart from that you should be able to sign up using the sports bonus code and start betting.

As we said, it is more likely that your winnings will be subject to more restrictions. To stop people just signing up for accounts, collecting the additional cash or bets and going elsewhere, you usually need to make a certain amount of ‘wagering’ bets before you can withdraw any winnings from the bonus. If you are planning on staying with the site in question this is just what you would be doing anyway so it is not really much of a hardship.

The main thing to remember is that you are usually getting something for simply registering for an account using some kind of betting bonus code – so you are still doing pretty well whatever the Terms and Conditions!

Signing Up With Your Mobile Phone

Being able to bet on a mobile phone or tablet device has revolutionised the already game changing world on online betting. Giving customers the freedom to make their selections and place their bets wherever they are (at least wherever there is good Wi-Fi coverage!) means more people have been introduced into the betting world. And you can even start off your journey on your phone.

As a basic rule of thumb, whatever you can do on your home computer or laptop you can do on a mobile device, when it comes to online betting. The account that you access on your computer is the same one you see when you are on your tablet so you don’t have to worry about losing your place or duplicating any actions or bets.

And that means that you can set up your account on your mobile as well. Using the same process as we went through before you can register and use your bonus code to activate your account and receive your welcome offer.

Having this kind of technology has benefited the betting companies no end but it has also made life so much easier for anyone who used to feel restricted by the confines of using online betting sites just at home. Now you can make that bet wherever you are and whenever you like!

What to Do After Using Your Bonus Code?

The obvious and quick answer to this is to just go betting! But there may be some of you reading this that are new to gambling – or online betting in particular – so we thought we should give you a run down of some of things to look out for at a sports betting site.

You may have a particular sport or event in mind when you sign up for your account – and that may even have something to do with the bonus code you used – but before you get into the joy of actually placing your bets you should just check that you have done everything you need to do with your welcome offer.

If the promotion had something to do with matching a deposit you will obviously need to put some money into your account. Usually you will have some kind of time period to do this without losing the activation of the offer but you also won’t be able to start betting without any funds to draw on!

Depending on the betting site and the promotion you may also need to opt in to offers that you like to make sure you receive the bonus. All these steps should be clearly set out for you but make sure you do all that is required so as not to miss out on something you qualified for through using a sports bonus code when you registered.

Look Around Betting Site

The main thing that all new customer account holders should remember is that the sports bonus code that you use to activate your new betting site’s welcome promotion is just the start of the experience. In a way it is your invitation to all the fun that can be had by betting online.

Once you are a fully signed up account holder you can get on with the main reason you registered – to bet! Although all sports betting sites are obviously different there is definitely a common layout and schemes you will notice no matter which bookie you go with in the end.

Some sites may concentrate on sports, whereas some will include a casino section alongside their sportsbook, but they will all have similar sports markets for their customer account holders.

In reality a lot of the sites will have very similar odds so it will only be in the fine margins that you can make an informed choice to use one over another. What you need to know is that they definitely have the kind of sports markets that you want to bet on – and attractive enough odds to make it worthwhile choosing them.

Depending on your level of expertise, knowledge and experience there might be some sites that suit you more due their individual allowances over betting and winnings. But if you are fairly new to online betting you are probably fine just going with the site that you feel most comfortable with and find easiest to use. And that is where the welcome promotions – and their betting bonus codes – can make all the difference to your decision.

Putting Your Bonus Code To Good Use

Making a selection and placing your bet on any online site is very quick and simple and you should not have too much trouble finding your way around and making the most of that welcome offer brought to you by the betting bonus codes you used signing up for an account.

Most new customers will want to go straight to the sportsbook section of the site they are with and once there they will see the vast array of markets open to them. Whether you are into football, rugby, tennis, cricket – or any other kind of sport imaginable – you will see that these sports betting sites really do cover most of what is going on all over the world.

You will be able to find the big sporting events – whether it is the football World Cup, English Premier League matches or ATP tennis events – very easily. The world famous events are especially easy to locate, as there will usually be some kind of promotion going on. Failing that they will no doubt be highlighted by the site and will usually be prominently displayed as soon as you enter the sports section.

But if you have a bit more knowledge on a lesser well known sport – or if you have great insights into second division Vietnamese football for example! – you can get to those markets with the minimum of fuss as well.

There is nearly always a menu of sports available down the left hand side of the sports page and by clicking on your preferred option you will be presented with the full range of markets open to you at the time of betting.

You can also check ahead of time the kinds of events and markets you are interested in and keep an eye on the changing odds as the matches draw closer – and even during the event itself if you are looking to bet in play.

Until you start using an online sports betting site and see how you like it you won’t know for sure whether it is the right one or not. But the good thing is that if it isn’t then there are plenty more to choose from!

But, there a few things you can check out before you sign up to give you some kind of idea of whether it is worth registering for an account:

Check what the welcome bonus is – and make sure you know what the sports bonus code is! Some of the bigger bookies might have bigger promotions but as long as you are happy with what is on offer then that could be enough to get going with.

Make sure if you are likely to use your phone or tablet to bet that the site caters for that need. These days most sites will have mobile access at least, if not a fully functioning downloadable app, but it makes sense to check just in case.

Are the odds offered at least competitive? Most online punters will not have the time to studiously research into comparing the odds of different sites (and there are separate websites dedicated to that anyway!) but you are signing up for these accounts to make some money so you want to know that it is worth it with the site you pick.

Take a look at some of the ongoing promotions and offers as well. The initial welcome offer might be great but if that is not backed up by a string of enticing bonuses for existing customers you might want to look elsewhere.

It is not always the case but do see if you can find special bonus codes offered by betting websites. You can sometimes get even more for using those bonus codes than the standard offers. It pays to do your research!

Signing Up with Bonus Code

If you are thinking of signing up for a new betting customer account then you don’t have to use a bonus code when you do but when most sites have their welcome offers linked in with a code it seems a pretty good idea to do it!

They won’t cost you anything and all you need to do is enter the code  in the box provided when you are registering. Then, if there is some kind of free bet or deposit match bonus on offer that will kick in once you have met the bonus requirements or made your initial deposit.

We have seen that there are many places you can look to find the bonus codes you need to activate these offers so the main thing you need to do is make sure the bookie is right for you.

It can depend on what sports or casino games you want to play, or it might have more to do with the site in question being a well-established name in the industry.

But knowing that there is a good offer at the end of it – or that you will consistently get good odds and resources to bet with  – is probably the most important thing to know when you decide to use a bonus code when you register for an account.

Sports Bonus Codes and How to Use Them

If you are thinking of signing up for a new betting customer account then you don’t have to use a sports bonus code when you do but when most sites have their welcome offers linked in with a code it seems a pretty good idea to do it!

They won’t cost you anything and all you need to do is enter the code in the box provided when you are registering. Then, if there is some kind of free bet or deposit match bonus on offer that will kick in once you have met the bonus requirements or made your initial deposit.

We have seen that there are many places you can look to find the bonus codes you need to activate these offers so the main thing you need to do is make sure the bookie is right for you.

It can depend on what sports or casino games you want to play, or it might have more to do with the site in question being a well-established name in the industry.